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News (2016)

Strategy and process consulting

We welcome Senior Consultant Holger Ehnes. Focus on organizations and processes, sales and communication. More

04. December 2019
Expanded strategy and process consulting
Rehm Press Release - Clean soldering systems

Rehm Press Release - Clean soldering systems

Do you know our Electronic blog? Read more

19. November 2019

Team Expansion. Marketing and Communication. Welcome to Laurina Müller.


29. August 2019
Team Expansion

PR. Communication. Online Marketing Team.

We welcome new players on board, i. e. Corinna Riegler. More

19. February 2019

Ernst Lenz Maschinenbau GmbH

Technical press release regarding advanced drilling system. More

23. November 2018

Press Release Soldering

The benefits of soldering with vacuum profiles English

06. December 2017

Marketing Team boosted

Hülya Albayrak, Social Medias and Communication More

20. October 2017

Electronic Supply Chain

International new high-tech player worldwide, Polen and Germany. Communication PCA, PCB businesses. English follows

24. July 2017

New specialists in our Team

I. e. welcome Doris von Haefen to our international Backoffice Team See About Us

07. June 2017

International Communication

PILL Electronic Equipment Manufacturer. Vacuum etching technology has grown into the industry standard. Read our article. English

20. Jan. 2017

Research and Development

New Rehm curtain nozzle for selective conformal coating More

21. Dec. 2016

Viessmann Group

Investment and Energy Efficiency Program. Article in German.

11. Nov. 2016

Strategy. Mexico

New Technology Center Guadalajara Rehm Thermal Systems Article

21. Nov. 2016

Sea World Scuba Diving Center

Promotion. Greece, Halkidiki. Safaris, wreek and certificates. More on seaworld.gr

26. Sept. 2016

Global and Americas Strategy.

Largest European Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider Zollner AG. Read article of Volker Feyerabend in the EPP Europe Magazine. English

16. July 2016

Electronic. International Communication

Espagnol. Spain. Mexico. Rehm Thermal Systems- Vacuum Soldering for PCA production Article Electronic blog.

15. June 2016

Press Management France. Development

Elektronics. French: Encore plus précis, plus efficace et plus moderne. Read it in French.


Case Study. Ebersbaecher Automotive Systems.

More on the APROS Electronic blog: http://news.blog.apros-consulting.de/automotive-case-study-eberspaecher-controls-new-developments-and-sustainable-solutions.


Continental Automotive Systems. Optimization Project.

Read the article here


How does Depth Routing work?

Technical Press Management. Pls. Find our article here.


Globally Networked. Industry 4.0

Globally Networked – Controlled as if by Magic? – More and More Public Focus on Industry 4.0 Initiatives. Read the article here


Global EMS Zollner AG- new plant in Costa Rica

Europe largest Electronic Manufacturing Service Provider boosts his business. Supply Chain Strategy and more. Pls. read the text.


News (2015)

New APROS website launched

Internet trends. Responsive Design from smart phone to large screens. APROS Consulting & Services re-news its media communication and -tools.


Strategymgmt. KSL Kuttler

New Investor and more
KSL Kuttler Automation Systems, Dauchingen, Germany- New investor, new strategies will be a topic on productronica 2015. Read it


World Premiere

Posalux at productronica 2015. Swiss manufacturer Posalux presents new models and an expanded series as world premiere at productronica 2015. PCB


Spain Press Management

Electronics. Spain. Development PR. Convertronic
Soldadura de Componentes con perfiles de vacio en convertronic (electrónica de potencia y sistemas de alimentación y regulación). Magazine



SMT Production article. Technical article about void reduction in SMT production issued in Printed Circout Design & Fab. Read it


Italy Press

Development Electronics. Technology and strategic press management.Example. Media. La saldatura con profili sottovuoto. Example


SMT Magazine

Electronic reflow article Part 2. Close look on the reflow process. Reat it here.


Int. Sales Support

GodToys.com Plush Animals. Cuddly spiritual Ganesha elephant god figure by GodToys.com launched. Read the article


Soldering principles

Tech article in Electronics Production and Test Europe Magazine. Technology review. Find about advantages and more: EPP Europe Magazin


Internet of things

Our article in SMT Magazine. Internet of Things. Benefits shown at an industrial project. More: SMT Magazine


Whitepaper about soldering

English Version. What are the benefits of soldering with vacuum profiles? Read about it: article


Award Best Products

Technical Public Relations. Productronic readers voted best articles within 2014- "Selective Conformal Coating" won. Read it in English:article.


Communication and PR

Electronic PCB equipment supplier Becker Mueller. Company communication, PR and new social media strategy.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube-Channel, Xing, maps...


Depth Routing Technology

Posalux's Blankboard Equipment. Results and capabilites. Customer evaluation project for the advanced depth routing use of a routing system. blog


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